The Fourth Annual Growth Net Summit 2016 was a major economic meet, held in India amidst gloomy global outlook and volatile market conditions across the world. Focused on challenges facing Asia, Africa, Latin America and other growth economies of the world; the Summit brought together stakeholders from both developed and emerging economies on one platform to build synergies for increasing business opportunities, encourage innovation, and enhance job opportunities. Launched in 2013, the Growth Net reflects the new realities created by the emergence of new growth countries, which are rapidly increasing their business, economy, trade, and financial interactions, and aspire to have a stronger voice in the global economy. It serves as a catalyst to develop fruitful dialogue among business groups, government officials, and civil society, from the countries of the new constellation of growth, on how to strengthen economic momentum and generate new sources of growth, through the deepening of partnership strategies for rapid sustainable development in Asia, Africa, Latin America and growth economies of the world.

Themed “Restoring higher growth in Emerging Markets”, the Fourth Growth Net Summit was convened in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Finance, Government of India on 7 – 8 April 2016 in New Delhi. The Summit brought together more than 67 speakers from 39 countries including business and political leaders, eminent media personalities, senior officials along with thought-leaders who shared insights and best practices to build economic resilience and generate new business opportunities.

The Summit reflected on Growth Strategies, employment and skills, finance, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, FDI in emerging markets, manufacturing, services, energy, and infrastructure, geopolitics and emerging trade blocks which are some of the key issues for all growth economies.

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