Things to Carry

  • Torch
  • Footwear
    • Sneakers for trekking / walking
    • Floaters for Rafting
    • Slippers
  • Sufficient personal clothes for the river and camp
    • 2 long sleeve shirts / track tops
    • 4 short sleeve T-shirts
    • 2 pairs khakis / cargo / casual
    • 1 pair track bottoms
    • 7 sets of undergarments
    • Adequate pairs of socks
    • Please carry a watch
    • Cap (golf cap)

The students need to report for the Socratic dialogue; soft skill training in semi casuals i.e. trousers, t-shirts and shoes with socks.

  • Warm clothes for early mornings and late evenings
    • Light weight fleece jacket/ wind cheater
  • Clothes for water activities
    • Easy dry T-shirt & shorts/ tights
    • Swim wear
  • Personal medical kit and toiletries
    • Prescription medicines if any
    • Sun block lotion
    • Mosquito repellant cream
    • Retainers for prescription glasses/ sun glasses
    • Personal toiletries
  • Musical instrument (no taped music please)
  • Camera with spare batteries
  • Your Spirit of Adventure and sense of humour!

Note: We shall organize laundry service twice during the programme for the students on a payable basis.

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Things to Carry