Disciplinary Guidelines

  • All rules and regulations are to be strictly followed at all times.
  • To ensure maximum learning and better experience at the Camp, it is mandatory to adhere to the timings.
  • Though students are free to express their view points, they are requested to adhere to discipline rules in class. Sensitivity, acceptance of differences and appreciating all are the skills that students need to adhere to at all times.
  • NO form of bullying is acceptable and will be tolerated. In the event that a student is found engaged in any such act, he/she will be warned and the parents will be informed.
  • If a student’s behaviour is found inappropriate and undisciplined, in spite of repeated warnings and feedback, the discipline committee will take actions.
  • In extreme cases, the student will be asked to leave the camp and no certificate will be issued to him/her. The parents will be informed of the committee’s decision and parents will be requested to pick up their children from the camp.

Please Note: The decision of the committee will be deemed as final.  

The DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE comprises of the following members:

  1. Mr James Abraham, Chairman of Leadership Committee, Ananta Aspen Centre and Founder, SolarArise
  2. Ms Chavi Behl, Vice Principal, The Shri Ram School, Aravali
  3. Ms Kiran Pasricha, Chief Executive Officer, Ananta Aspen Centre
  4. Ms Manika Sharma, Director, The Shri Ram Schools

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Disciplinary Guidelines

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