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Political Developments - November 2019

Unrest in Iraq and Lebanon: Arab Spring 2?

During much of October 2019, Lebanon and Iraq were both convulsed by widespread anti-establishment demonstrations led by their youth. These popular manifestations railed against the perceived hijacking of the popular mandate by powerful interest groups such as militias and sectarian entities in each of these two countries. They blamed them for mis-governance and corruption and demanded their…

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Bilateral Developments - November 2019

Riyadh Summit:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia on Oct 29. He was received by King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and held plenary level talks with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Among the 12 bilateral documents signed during the visit was the framework to establish Strategic Partnership Council (SPC) to be co-chaired by the Indian PM and Saudi Crown Prince to oversee the bilateral matters at the highest level. PM Modi also…

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Economic Developments - November 2019

Saudi Aramco IPO and Kingdom’s Economic Health:

By end of October, there were tentative signs of final go ahead being given to Saudi Aramco, world’s largest commercial establishment, to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The state-owned company which produces nearly a tenth of world’s hydrocarbons (13.6 mbpd of oil equivalent in 2018) has been planning for an IPO since 2016, but this has been repeated postponed as it sought valuation of two…

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About the author

Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev

Former Ambassador of India to Algeria, Norway and Nigeria  

Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev retired from Indian Foreign Service in October 2013. His 35-year diplomatic career included three Ambassadorial assignments spanning 11 years to Algeria, Norway and Nigeria – all major oil exporters. Nearly half of his diplomatic career was spent dealing with the Middle East. He is fluent in Arabic and knows some French.

Amb. Sachdev is currently the President of Eco-Diplomacy & Strategies, a consultancy in Delhi. He was Founder-President of the UAE-India Business Council and a Consultant to Jamia Millia Islamia University. He has authored two well received “Business Manuals” on Nigeria (Sept 2014; second edition in Oct. 2018) and the UAE (Sept 2016). He comments on strategic, economic and cross-cultural issues in media in India, Gulf and Africa.  

Hydrocarbon sector and Middle East have been two major politico-economic foci of Amb Sachdev’s career. He studied Arabic in Damascus (1980-83) and was First Secretary (Political) in Saudi Arabia (1983-86). His 9 years in two stints at the Foreign Ministry Headquarters anchored his ME expertise: He served as Deputy Secretary/Director (1988-95) for Gulf countries and Joint Secretary of West Asia - North Africa (2002-03). In particular, he handled sensitive ties with Saudi Arabia and the GCC states. He was ambassador to Algeria and Nigeria – Africa’s prominent economies and markets – his tenures totalling 8 years saw surge in bilateral ties.

Amb. Sachdev’s eco-commercial felicity extends beyond hydrocarbons. Under his watch (2008-13), India’s exports to Nigeria tripled making India Nigeria’s largest trading partner with direct trade touched $17 bn – a record. India’s investments in Nigeria grew to over $11 bn, two third of them during his stint. Earlier as India’s Minister to the EU (Brussels; 1995-98), he successfully handled complex and far-reaching trade policy issues. As Ambassador to Norway, he persuaded NBIM, their Sovereign Wealth Fund, to begin investing in India.  These are now put at $9 bn. Indian exports of pharma and automobiles commenced during his term in Algeria. Few of his other successes were: acquisition of oil assets in (South) Sudan, negotiations with Algeria’s Sonatrach, ONGC-Norse Hydro/Statoil negotiations and OVL/OMEL/Sterling Blocks in Nigeria.

As an economic strategist and consultant for over five years, Amb Sachdev has selectively helped stakeholders to cut through the irrational ‘conventional wisdom’, identify lucrative opportunities, avoid pitfalls and design a win-win synergy.

Amb Sachdev studied at Rajghat Besant School at Varanasi, B.Sc.(Hons) at Meerut University (Topper & Best Graduate of 1973) and M.Sc.M.Phil. (Nuclear Physics) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is a life member of Mensa Society. Despite multiple achievements, Amb. Mahesh Sachdev, 65, remains a self-made person rooted in ground reality. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and son.