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India Economic Review | December 2019

Growth worries persist, but where are the green shoots?

Managers of the Indian economy so far have had no respite from worries over an economic slowdown. On November 29, the Central Statistics Office released the gross domestic product (GDP) numbers for July-September 2019, which placed growth at 4.5 per cent, a six-year low. Coming on top of consecutive deceleration in growth every quarter since January-December 2018, when it was estimated at 8.1 per cent, the latest GDP growth print suggested

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India Economic Review | November 2019

Privatisation gets a boost, but a few areas of concern

The Narendra Modi government has now sent out signals that it is not averse to the idea of privatisation in a few select cases. On November 20, the Union Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs took three important decisions. One, it approved privatisation of three state-controlled companies. The three companies, which would be privatised or whose management control would move to a new entity, are Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), S

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India Economic Review | October 2019

State of the Economy – A Dilemma

The month of October began with what looked like a reality check on the Indian economy. And that process was kicked off by none else than India’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).  In its bi-monthly monetary policy review on October 4, the RBI cut the repo rate (the rate at which the central bank lends to commercial banks and, therefore, signals the overall interest rate direction) yet another time by 25 basis points, taking the overall reduction dur

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India Economic Review | September 2019

Bold Moves, But Not Yet Out Of The Woods

The last few weeks have seen the Union government in firefighting mode.  As the signs of an economic slowdown became increasingly more evident, the Union finance ministry came out with a slew of measures – as many as four packages in as many weeks – in a bid to revive the Indian economy. A rough estimate puts the total impact of these measures at a little over Rs 1.6 lakh crore by way of revenues foregone and additional expenditure by the government.

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India Economic Review | August 2019

Industrial Growth Stumbles

India’s economic growth prospects did not look very bright this month. On August 9, the Central Statistics Office released the industrial growth numbers for June 2019. At 1.95 per cent, this was one of the lowest in recent months and a sharp deceleration over industrial growth in the previous two months - 4.32 per cent in April and 4.55 per cent in May. The industrial growth for the first quarter of the current financial year thus settled down at just 3.6 per cent, a s

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