The Levelling

A strong society is one that stands firmly on a level ground. Such a ground is difficult to build especially when it involves uprooting deeply-embedded gender disparities. Over the years, many women have overcome tremendous odds to hack away at patriarchal structures and contribute to the flattening but, the ground is still vast and jagged. This unique conference is a step in this direction. It aims to catalyse a dialogue between women (and men) of different generations, geographies, demography and vocations who are separately leading small and large movements so that, they can come together to pursue their common goal of an ungendered world.

(Plenary Session 1)

Liberty: Breaking through Patriarchy

This segment consisted of daughters and their mothers; exploring what liberty means to women across generations. What has been either’s experience – struggles, challenges and opportunities? How did they overcome the challenges being faced and what can be done or should be done to make it easier for the generations of women who will follow? The panel consisted of Anu Aga, Former Chairperson, Thermax Limited with her daughter Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson, Thermax Limited; Reshma Anand, CEO, Hindustan Lever Foundation with her mother Usha Anand, Educationist; Shriti Pandey, Founder, Strawcture with her mother Purvi Narain Pandey and was moderated by James Abraham, Founder & Director, SolarArise.

(Plenary Session 2)

Equality: Storming Male Bastions

This segment focuses on how leaders are creating a pathway of equal opportunities. How they are leading the way and providing women with the tools to thrive in their choice of purpose and vocation, without succumbing to established stereotypes. Their own personal journey along with the stories of the women they work with would be the central focus while exploring this theme.
This session consisted of Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder and Chair, Mann Deshi Bank; Anuradha Das Mathur, Founding Dean of The Vedica Scholars; Charu Sinha, IG, CRPF, Srinagar and Moderated by Manoj Kumar, Founding CEO, Naandi Foundation.

(Plenary Session 3)

Efficiency: Making Meritocracy Work for Women

Gender bias is often implicit and subtle, making it difficult for women to achieve the same level of success. This segment brought together leaders to explore their journeys and how they are promoting meritocracy as a tool to create a level playing field. Their own personal journeys along with the stories of how they have attempted to create efficient systems was the central focus while discussing this theme.
The third plenary session consisted of AnuMeena, Founder, Agrowave, Gurgaon Rural, Vinati Kastia Kilambi, Senior Partner, AZB & Partners, Suparna Singh, Former CEO, NDTV and moderated by Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder, IndiaSpend and BoomLive.

(Plenary Session 4)

Community: Building Your Tribe

This segment brought together leaders who have achieved success, but realise that it is important to create a community which can extend support and act as a safe space for those women who lack opportunities or self-belief that they can achieve what these leaders have. Personal experiences which include stories of the women they work with would be the central focus.
The panel consisted of Sumita Ghose, Founder and Managing Director, Rangasutra Crafts India Limited; Roopa Purshothaman, Chief Economist and Head of Policy Advocacy, Tata Sons Limited; Radhika Bharatram, Joint Vice Chairperson, The Shri Ram Schools and Founder, KARM Fellowship for Young Indian Women and Moderated by Mr Sameer Walia, Chief Executive, Ripples of Hope.

Ananta Talks

Ananta Talks are 15 minute monologues based on the different themes covered in The Leveling, highlight individual stories of those who overcame patriarchal social structures, worked through barriers and achieved success.

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