West Asia & North Africa Digest by Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev | August 2023

HIGHLIGHTS Political Developments Economic Developments Bilateral Developments IA) Political Developments: Pan-Regional and Global Issues Regional and International Developments Repeated incidents of public burning of the Quran in Nordic countries (Sweden on 20/7, Denmark on 24/7 and 25/7) ignited – as intended – a strong reaction in many countries of the West Asia North Africa (WANA) […]

Focus: Indian Ocean Rim | 16th August 2023

In a major political development in Africa over the past week South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma was released from prison due to a remission of non-violent offenders approved by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Meanwhile, key Indian Ocean Region (IOR) state of Kenya made it to the headlines after it offered to lead a multinational force […]