Russia Review | November 2021

Overview • India-Russia relations seek a revival• Re-engaging on Afghanistan• US & Russia spar and talk​​​​​​ India-Russia relations seek a revival 2020 and 2021 have seen a litany of commentaries on the health and relevance of the India-Russia relationship, prompted by the postponement of the annual summit in 2020, the India-China standoff in Ladakh, President Putin’s comments on […]

Latin America & Caribbean Review | Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani | November 2021

HIGHLIGHTS ● Political Developments● Economic Developments● Focus India-LAC Political Developments Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro suffered another setback in mid-October with the publication, and public broadcast of a 1179-page report by the Senate, accusing him of crimes against humanity (intentional ‘extermination’ of half the Brazilians dead) and other charges for allegedly bungling Brazil’s response to COVID- 19, leading to the […]

Central Asia Digest | November 2021

HIGHLIGHTS ● Political Developments● Economic Developments● India-Central Asia Relations Political Developments Presidential elections were held in Uzbekistan on 24th October. Voter turnout was strong at 80.8%: over 16 million out of a total of 20 million eligible voters exercised their franchise. Incumbent President Shavkat Mirziyoyev won more than 80% of votes cast. The other candidates […]