West Asia & North Africa Digest | January 2020

Political Developments  Islamic Ummah: A 4-day “Islamic Summit” hosted by Malaysia ended on Dec 21 without issuing any final statement and generating more heat than light. The event was attended by some 20 Muslim countries, prominent among them Iran, Turkey and Qatar. It was snubbed by Saudi Arabia which saw it as an attempt to challenge […]

Af-Pak Digest – January 2020

I Overview Pakistan:​• Economy• Musharraf sentenced to death on treason charge• Extension of tenure of the Army Chief• Financial Action Task Force• Pakistan-India• Pakistan skips Kuala Lumpur Summit of Muslim countries• Pakistan-US• Pakistan-China Afghanistan:​• Peace and Reconciliation• Result of Presidential Election  II Developments in Pakistan  Economy The ADB approved two loans amounting to $1.3 billion for […]

Indian Economy Review | January 2020

Mixed signals for the financial sector; more resilient but NPAs may rise  While many banks have begun reporting better financial performance (ICICI Bank declared a 158 per cent jump in its net profit for the third quarter of 2019-20, for instance), the overall prospects for India’s financial sector appear to be quite mixed. A quick […]