GP Birla Fellowship for Women Leaders - The Programme

The Fellowship comprises of two on-site residential seminars of 6 days 5 nights each spread over 12 months.

By using the time-tested method of text-based dialogue and experiential learning, one does not expect consensus, but rather passionate dialogue around the inevitable tensions that arise in defining and building the “good society.” Dynamic and reflective, the sessions act as a mirror and help to prompt the participants from “thought to action”.

Seminar 1: The Challenge of Leadership

6 day convening focusing on the qualities of leadership necessary to master the forces of change.

Seminar 2 : The Aspen India Seminar

6 day convening focused on refining each Fellow’s definition of the good society including the respective roles of government and business in building that society and the society challenges of economic growth.

The programme requires a commitment by each Fellow for 2 seminars of 6 days each spread over one year plus the time allocated for individual leadership ventures and periodic informal gatherings. Fellows must attend both seminars in their entirety.