The Ambassador Series

'The Ambassador Series' – a unique initiative to interact with the heads of Foreign Missions in India. As a key mission to contribute towards development of India's foreign relations and facilitate India's outreach, the initiative seeks to engage Ambassadors and heads of foreign missions to facilitate expansion of India's multi-dimensional ties with countries across the world. It is also to explore and understand the culture, government, economy and daily life of people in important countries.

The Series is a platform for business, academia, and other key stakeholders and agencies to channelize this energy by understanding the key trends and dynamics across the world, enhance India's global engagements and contribute towards creating a stronger and more resilient nation.

Given the current situation of COVID -19 pandemic, the session under this series have been held virtually. Earlier it was held in person. It is a 60-minute virtual session focusing on the current relations with India and the world and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

It builds strong interaction with public with a feature of Question & Answer section which provides a voice to all participants to raise their concerns, views, ideas and issues. Again, it offers a platform for genuine and flexible conversation with Ambassadors about any issues of the world.

The Ambassador series offers the space for countries to increase mutual understanding, trust and also to reinvigorate untapped areas and enrich the ones that stand crucial to take the country's growth forward.

So far, the Ambassadors of France, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, Israel, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, the European Union, Indonesia and High Commissioners of Australia and Canada among others have spoken under this series.

UK – India: Evolution to Transformation | 27 August 2021

As India and UK have made an historic commitment to strengthen the relations via the '2030 Roadmap', the future of UK-India relations is positive due to two major factors- abundance of political will and a coincidence of ambition on both sides. This important session with H.E. Mr Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India chaired by Ambassador Y K Sinha, Chief Information Commissioner of India had explored the new avenues of future cooperation for India and UK in the field of Defense and security, health, trade, and science and Technology.

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India – Uzbekistan relations: Growing coherence and convergence | 28 July 2021

Under the backdrop of the growing relationship between India and Uzbekistan and a significant contribution to the restoration of the historical activity of Central and South Asian regions, this session, chaired by Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden & Latvia and Distinguished Fellow, Ananta Centre had H.E. Dilshod Akhatov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to India and H.E. Manish Prabhat, Ambassador of India to Uzbekistan provide insights into the dynamics and potentials of India – Uzbekistan relations.

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The Pacific Alliance | 15 July 2021

During this global uncertainty and challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, both India and the Pacific Alliance agreed to strengthen their cooperation with an aim to reduce the overall impact of the pandemic. This important session with Mrs. Gloria Gangte, Joint Secretary, Latin American & Caribbean, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, H.E. Mariana Pacheco Montes, Ambassador of Colombia to India, President Pro-Tempore Pacific Alliance, H.E. Juan Angulo M., Ambassador of Chile to India, H.E. Federico Salas Lotfe, Ambassador of Mexico to India, and H.E. Cartos Rafael Polo Castaneda, Ambassador of Peru to India chaired by Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani, Former Ambassador of India to Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba and Distinguished Fellow, Ananta Centre had explored the new avenues of future cooperation for India and the Pacific Alliance Group in the field of Science and Technology, Small and Medium Enterprise sector, IT and e- governance.

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