West Asia & North Africa Digest by Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev | March 2023

IA) Political Developments: Pan-Regional and Global Issues  Pandemics and Natural Disasters: Two severe earthquakes struck south-central Turkey and north-western Syria on Feb 6 causing colossal death and destruction. The first, measured 7.8 on the Richter scale, happened before sunrise and was centred 26 km east of the Turkish city of Nurdagi; the second, 7.5 strong, […]

Latin America & Caribbean Review | Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani | March 2023

HIGHLIGHTS  ● Political Developments● Economic Developments● Focus India-LAC Political Developments On 8 January, echoes of the invasion of the US Congress in January 2021 reverberated through Brasilia as the principal institutions of Brazil – the Congress, Supreme Court and the President’s Palace – were attacked by thousands of violent protestors who smashed windows, damaged property […]