EUROGAZE by Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri | September 2022

H I G H L I G H T S ● Internal Issues in the EU● EU-China● India-EU The European Union (EU) continues to bear a huge toll from the Russia-Ukraine conflict and show up in a diminished state, including in the abilities of its most important member-states, France, and Germany, to act independently or collectively ‘autonomous’ […]

Latin America & Caribbean Review | Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani | September 2022

HIGHLIGHTS ● Political Developments● Economic Developments● Focus India-LAC Political Developments The 15th biennial Conference of Defence Ministers of the Americas (CDMA) was held in Brazil 26-28 July. The CDMA brings together defence ministers from 34 member states across the Americas since 1995. Attended by US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, the meeting issued a declaration with a sentence (not in the original Brazilian draft) […]