West Asia & North Africa Digest by Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev | July 2022

HIGHLIGHTS • Political Developments • Economic Developments• Bilateral Developments IA) Political Developments: Pan-Regional and Global Issues WANA and Ukraine Conflict: On June 29, Syria announced that it has recognised the independence and sovereignty of Donetsk and Luhansk republics, the two pro-Russia entities which have broken away from Ukraine. A Turkish military delegation travelled to Russia during the […]

Latin America & Caribbean Review | Ambassador Deepak Bhojwani | July 2022

HIGHLIGHTS ● Political Developments● Economic Developments● Focus India-LAC Political Developments US-LAC Relations: The Los Angeles Summit of the Americas in June was the ninth in the series that commenced in 1994. The hosts did not invite Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, the “trio of tyranny”. Reaction from the region was negative. The Mexican President sent his Foreign Minister. The Bolivian, Guatemalan, Salvadoran […]

Latin America & Caribbean Review | July 2020

COVID-19 “Latin America is the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and Brazil is the most troubling country,” said Michael Ryan, the World Health Organization (WHO) executive director. By end June Latin America, with close to two and a half million cases, accounted for 25 percent of the total global infections, and 250,000 deaths. The […]