West Asia & North Africa Digest by Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev | September 2021

IA) Political Developments: Covid-19 Pandemic Regional Impact of Covid-19:  Delta Force Rampages WANA   The trend reversal that began in July 2021 continued to worsen. Both the confirmed Covid-19 cases and the deaths rose sharply in August 2021. Thus, the growth in confirmed cases in the region during August rose to 15.05% from 11.64%, 6.48%, 9.5% and 44.1% […]

Africa Digest by Pramit Pal Chaudhuri | September 2021

H I G H L I G H T S •  NEW CHINA DEBT STORY•  GUINEA GAMBIT•  COBALT IN THE CONGO•  KENYA’S TRAIN OF DEBT•  GHANA AND OTHERS•  LESSONS FROM INDIA NEW CHINA DEBT STORY China is changing how it provides finance to African governments with a shift to smaller, more targeted loans and grants. State-backed financial institutions like the Export […]