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Biden is Democratic Party Frontrunner

The race to be the Democratic Party presidential candidate tightened dramatically after the Super Tuesday set of primaries leaving only centrist Joe Biden and leftwing Bernie Sanders in the fray. Biden’s subsequent victories in key states like Michigan has left him the clear frontrunner. Biden’s dramatic resurgence began when he won South Carolina in February by a landslide thanks to en masse black American support. Just before S

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World Review | January 2020


Brexit At Last: UK officially leaves the EU
The United Kingdom officially left the European Union on January 31st, 2300 GMT. The day before, the European Parliament ratified the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, 621 to 49 votes, in an emotional session that concluded with the members of the European parliament singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Several of the departing British members said they hoped their country would one day return. The Brexit Party’s Nigel Farage used the opportunity to say

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World Review | October 2019

Developments in North America

Bloomberg May Join US Elections

Billionaire and former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has begun signalling he may enter the Democratic presidential race.  A former moderate Republican and worth an estimated $ 52 billion, he had made noises earlier about a presidential run. After former vice-president Joe Biden entered the fray, Bloomberg indicated in March he no longer felt he needed to run. Biden’s struggle to impose himself on the Democratic race may have

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World Review | September 2019

Developments in North America

Impeachment Prelude to US Elections

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, on September 25 announced her intention to initiate impeachment proceedings against the United States President, Donald Trump. The process is guaranteed to consume the Trump administration for at least the next two to three months. Trump will be investigated over a CIA whistleblower’s claim that he asked the Ukrainian president to find out if Joe Biden, the leading Democrat

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World Review | August 2019

G-7 Summit: Trump Almost Behaves Himself


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was among the guest leaders invited to the Group of Seven summit in mid-August in Biarritz, France. The leaders of India, Australia, Chile and Spain were asked to join by French President Emmanuel Macron along with a number of African countries. After two disastrous summits in Italy and Canada, France sought to revive the G-7’s image as a multilateral body capable of addressing major global problems. The problem in the

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World Review | July 2019

US Elections: Democratic Hopefuls on Foreign Policy


The United States is slipping gradually into election mode. The incumbent President Donald Trump has already declared his intention to run again. His only rival for the Republican nomination is ex-governor Bill Weld whose run is seen as a mark of protest rather than a genuine campaign. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has over 20 candidates. In June, the Democrats squared off against each other in two televised debates. The polls

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World in Review

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Pramit Pal Chaudhuri writes on political, security, and economic issues. He previously wrote for the Statesman and the Telegraph in Calcutta. He served on the National Security Advisory Board of the Indian government from 2011-2015. Among other affiliations, he is a member of the Asia Society Global Council, the Aspen Institute Italia, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, and the Mont Pelerin Society. Pramit is also a senior associate of Rhodium Group, New York City, advisor to the Bower Group Asia in India, a member of the Council on Emerging Markets, Washington, DC, and a delegate for the Confederation of Indian Industry-Aspen Strategy Group Indo-U.S. Strategic Dialogue and the Ananta Aspen Strategic Dialogues with Japan, China and Israel. Born in 1964, he has visited over fifty countries on five continents. Mr. Pal Chaudhuri is a history graduate from Cornell University.