Towards better gender conversations

Ananta Centre launches a series of Dialogues on Women and Gender Issues to draw attention towards a woman’s challenges, her experiences and her own affirmations of worth, power, and vulnerability in a period of underrepresentation and prejudice.The series intends to bring together multiple panels, each with an eclectic mix of speakers to share their lived experience and open a dialogue on the changing role of women in influencing the course of social reform in society.

Leadership in Law: Becoming allies for the next generation | 12th August 2021

The session seeks to explore how effective mentorship can offer critical guidance, inspiration and support for women coming up in the legal profession and whether it is an effective way to achieve true equality in leadership positions. The speakers will discuss what mentorship means to each woman and what role it has played in their success in addition to what are some of the practical ways in which women leaders can help other women achieve their career objectives and how they can leverage this support

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Broadening the narrative

Research projects across the world have substantiated the premise that women and the actions can significantly impact the socio economic outcome of communities and countries. The strongest societies are those that allow its women to flourish freely; the poorest seek to constrain and define them. Matters like equal access to opportunities and spaces are often brushed aside as being gender issues or women’s issues. In truth they are as much matters of social and economic concern and need to be seen thus. The series aims to help broaden the existing narrative.


  • Develop strategies for increasing a woman's access to opportunities, resources and public spaces by examining critical issues like economic and political empowerment, share in decision making power, parity in pay and at the workplace, education and skill development and gender-friendly policies.
  • Help develop strategies on how to help women gain more power and control over all aspects of their lives and be strategic instruments of change.
  • Collate actionable recommendations, made during the course of the series, into a white paper.

Flagship Dialogues

  • The Levelling
    A strong society is one that stands firmly on a level ground.
  • Dialogues on Defence
    This non partisan platform brings together relevant stakeholders to define a modern defence vision for the country.
  • Dialogues on Defence
    This non partisan platform brings together relevant stakeholders to define a modern defence vision for the country.
  • Dialogues with Parliamentarians
    This series aims to encourage meaningful exchange between  policymakers and key stakeholder groups.
  • The Series on AI and Blockchain
    This series brings together relevant stakeholder groups to discuss the potential of AI and Blockchain in improving public servuce delivery in India.
  • The Woman Speaks
    This is platform brings together women from different walks of life to flag areas of concern  and explore possible solutions.