Public Policy

India with more than 1 billion citizens is a vibrant democracy with a very strong people's voice. Ananta Centre aims to channelize this voice to talk about issues that most concern us like Governance, Climate Change, Energy, Defence and Gender Sensitivity. These issues are given a platform for discussion via public sessions, workshops, conferences, roundtables etc. in order to affect public policy.


Human beings have extraordinary potential and leaders, by choice, have the ability to cultivate that potential in others. A values based leader is one who lives, works and leads in alignment with their core values, principles and beliefs to in turn ignite the extraordinary potential in those around them.

In an increasingly complex world, values based leadership will be a principle driver that will address economic, social and environmental challenges. Values based leaders lead ethically, step up and make a difference, translate "thought to action" and paint on a larger canvas. Against this backdrop, leadership seminars organised by Ananta Centre challenges individuals from every field to think more critically about the "good society"and their leadership roles in it. Seminars are designed to guide leaders through a personal journey of reflection, insight and action

International Relations

The objective of Ananta Centre's International Affairs Department is to enhance India’s engagement with the rest of the world by creating opportunities and platforms for bilateral & multilateral interaction. These interactions will help us enhance our understanding of and gain insights into India’s relationship with countries and organizations around the world. Consequently, these insights would allow us to aid governmental and private stakeholders in their efforts towards informing various levels of India’s foreign policy.

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