Roundtable on Loneliness & Technology (Closed door)

The Values-Based Leadership course uses Socratic dialogue to explore the tensions in leadership to achieve goals while remaining anchored in values. The course is designed for accomplished leaders who are seeking to build on their traditional skills to hone the purpose of their lives and their organisations. It comprises three Seminars of five days each. The final seminar of the Inaugural Edition (4–8 January 2021) graduated 19 Fellows. The class was moderated by Aditya Natraj and James Abraham. Aditya is a Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellow and Director, Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) and the Piramal School of Leadership; James Abraham is a Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellow and the Founder and Director, SolarArise. He is also a Trustee of Ananta Centre.

Message from Co- Conveners