Ananta Godrej Ideas India

Ideas India is an initiative of the fellows of the Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship of the Ananta Aspen Centre. It has been a time of growth, transformation and new vistas for the nation. Economic, political, social, religious, environmental, almost all factors are rapidly changing, perhaps faster than we can manage. India embraces both unconstrained hope and unimaginable fear. We need courage to grasp hope and face fear - the courage of fellowship in action. We gather at Ideas India to raise difficult questions, to ideate, to confide, to act and to do so in the community of the Aspen Dialogue.

Ananta Godrej Ideas India 2020

The Ananta Godrej Ideas India 2020 held virtually from 2nd to 4th October 2020. Our overall theme for this year was "How Big is your Circle?".

Highlights of this year:

This year's program was a response to the unprecedented time in which we live and takes advantage of the opportunity to convene a larger group of trustees, fellows and special invitees than ever before.

  • One special feature this year was the first plenary, titled "There are no others", which was conducted as a joint exercise with the Resnick Aspen Action Forum (RAAF). Two panelists from the Aspen Global Leadership Network, one from the Central-American Leadership Initiative and one from the Middle-East Leadership Initiative, both bring personal and professional experience as migrants. They gave us a deeper insight into the issue and challenges us to expand our circle to find answers.
  • Virtual Socratic Dialogues allowed participants to engage in classic text-based dialogue with a cohort of Fellows.
  • Plenaries and Discussion featured special guests and Fellows who had a powerful and enriching discussion on topics that encompass our theme "How Big is Your Circle".

Message from Co- Conveners