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May 8, 2019


Dr. Patrick Gallagher, Chancellor,University of Pittsburgh


Mr. Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder, BOOM & IndiaSpend


The digital infrastructure enables governments and businesses to expand their operations and reach as well as increase efficiencies; but it also exposes individuals, communities, organizations and nations to the threat of cyber-attack and cyber-crime. Cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated. Vulnerabilities have grown with the massive global expansion of digital connectivity. The technical tools available to state and non-state actors as well as criminally-motivated individuals to exploit the open and interconnected cyber space to inflict harm have to be monitored, understood and countered. With government programmes for expanding digital connectivity across the country and its large population connected to the Internet, the society is vulnerable to a broad range of cyber-threats at the governmental, business and individual levels is high. 

According to reports, cyber-crimes registered in India in recent times have surged by approximately 350%. The cyber threats we face are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted and come from unexpected sources. To control cybercrime risks and make informed decisions on cyber security, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the present and future threats to the online environment. No single entity can handle the totality of cyber security issues. While the government cannot completely delegate the role of securing cyberspace, it cannot also work in isolation. Policing resources to investigate all cyber-criminal activities will never be enough. The role of policing agencies is only one, albeit important, part of the overall response to cybercrime. Discrete players in the digital economy are best placed to play different but complementing roles in mitigating the cybercrime risks to individuals, consumers, businesses and governments.

The session will focus aforesaid issues and on the role of an effective partnership between the public and private sectors to handle cyber-criminal activities effectively.


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