Dialogues with parliamentarians


The “Ananta Dialogue with Parliamentarians” is a unique series of seminars aiming to draw attention to the excellent but often overlooked work that is contributed by Parliamentary Standing Committees for various departments relating to diverse domains, such as commerce, foreign affairs and water resources.

 These sessions aim to enable and promote greater understanding and cooperation between Indian policymakers and business leaders, media and academics and the discerning public .These Standing Committees represent a broad, cross-party consensus which examines the different points of view and find suitable provisions to achieve the final objectives of each respective committee.

 It is with this objective of bridging the gap between policy makers and the public that the Ananta Dialogue with Parliamentarians” have been conceptualized. The Chairperson and members of selected Standing Committees of the Indian Parliament are invited to discuss their reports and activities and take inputs from stakeholders to help government with their policy decisions.

 The ultimate purpose of this proposal is to add value to the contents and output of these reports by getting inputs and suggestions of a cross-section of select and eminent stakeholders, subject specialists, academics, and decision makers. Join us in discussing, exploring and debating national and international issues that are significant and topical.

 Key Objectives of the Series:

  1. To disseminate the working, role and outputs of the Standing Committees to the public at large
  2. To bring to the fore and highlight the detailed reports of the Parliamentary Committees
  3. To facilitate a thorough discussion of these reports
  4. Allow increased level of understanding and also allow the Committees to leverage existing opportunities.
  5. Facilitate frank and open discussions between policy makers and stake holders

Parliamentary Standing Committees:

  1. Standing Committee on CommerceChairman: Naresh Gujral
  2. Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs – Dr. Shashi Tharoor
  3. Standing Committee on T. – Mr. Anurag Thakur
  4. Sub-Committee on Ease of Doing Business – Dr. Chandan Mitra

 About Ananta Centre

The Ananta Centre endeavors to explore, define and strengthen the foundational features of India’s socio-political capabilities. Our hope is that the independent and consensus-based conclusions reached by the panelists, parliamentarians and participants will help us simplify problems and communicate effective solutions on a wide-range of issues.