Parliamentary Series: Roundtable with Mr Jayant Sinha | 30 August 2021

Standing Committees are an important part of the Indian parliamentary system and law-making exercise. They play a crucial role in bringing together MPs from different political parties to examine some of the most pressing issues concerning the citizens of the country. In light of this, Ananta Centre convened a closed door Roundtable with Member of Parliament
Mr Jayant Sinha, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance on 30 August 2021. The participants were briefed on the functioning and the role played by the Parliamentary Standing Committees.

There are five types of parliamentary committees –
(i) standing committees;
(ii) committees that are broader than standing committees, like the Committee on Public Enterprises or the Public Accounts Committee;
(iii) Select committees;
(iv) joint parliamentary committees; and
(v) consultative committees.

Towards better engagement with policy makers

Ananta’s Dialogue with Parliamentarians is a unique series of seminars that aims to promote greater understanding between Indian policymakers (via the Parliament Standing Committees) and business leaders, media and academics and the discerning public . Standing Committees represent a broad, cross-party consensus which examines different points of view and find suitable provisions to achieve the final objectives of the respective committee.

Informing perspectives

Under this series, the Chairperson and members of selected Standing Committees of the Indian Parliament are invited to discuss their reports and activities and take inputs from stakeholders to help government with their policy decisions.

This exchange is to add value to the contents and output of these reports by getting inputs and suggestions of a cross-section of select and eminent stakeholders, subject specialists, academics, and decision makers.

Key Objectives of the Series

  • To disseminate the working, role and outputs of the Standing Committees to the public at large
  • To bring to the fore and highlight the detailed reports of the Parliamentary Committees
  • To facilitate a thorough discussion of these reports
  • Allow increased level of understanding and also allow the Committees to leverage existing opportunities.
  • Facilitate frank and open discussions between policy makers and stake holders

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