Ananta Godrej Ideas India is a niche dialogue platform that is fast emerging as a convening of choice for leaders who believe that a strong and open society makes space for critical discourse.

This is a Bajaj Fellows Initiative and brings together leaders from all walks of life for exchange of ideas and important conversations on critical issues facing the country. The intent is to generate actionable ideas that can be implemented in part or full by those attending the convening.

Ananta Godrej Ideas India 2018 was held at Amritsar on September 7-9. It was the third edition of this convening. The overarching theme that shaped the various sessions was Fearless Leadership.The session on Fearless Journalism in an era of Fake News and Vested Interest, steered by leading names from the media was a nuanced conversation that made space for the importance of balancing ethics and editorial independence with market and political realities. Interestingly it emerged that the consumer with his ability to influence the market could be an important catalyst in ensuring fearless journalism.

Another key session – Finding our Moral Compass, touched some difficult spots. It emerged that businesses often account for systemic corruption as an operational cost, which strengthens the leakages further. While organisations and individuals need to have non-negotiable values, the time is ripe for technology-led systemic changes that eliminate links in the corruption chain.

When we can’t be silent any longer was an interesting session that brought out why it was time to speak up and let alternate narratives as well as viewpoints to exist. Everyone in the position to do so needed to encourage alternative voices and expression in all fields of life including art and literature.





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