L – R:  Mr Nitin Desai, Mrs Kiran Pasricha, Mr Tarun Das, Vice Admiral Anil Chopra, (Retd.) and Mr R S Bhatia

 Over the years, the means of defence and the demands on defensive capabilities have changed dramatically and disruptively with countries investing heavily in non-conventional weapons, general AI and robotics.

India too needs to ensure that her offensive and defensive capabilities are future-ready and future-proof.The Ananta Centre Dialogue on Defence is a series of conversations between relevant stakeholders aimed at helping build a modern defence vision for the country.

The first in the series – Public Private Partnership in Defence: Rethinking the Role of the Government and the Private Sector – examined the vision along parameters such as geopolitics, industrial base, technology, procurement policies and processes and civil-military integration in the Ministry of Defence

The discussion touched on important questions: should there be more funding in cutting edge research and development? Does the country's procurement policy need streamlining? and, how can public-private partnerships succeed in the defence sector?


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