Ananta Leaders Fellowship

The Ananta Leaders Fellowship is a leadership development programme that works to build a cadre of influencers that believes in both reason and values. It operates on the premise that every challenge has multiple facets; those that are tasked with solving them must have the ability to recognize and appreciate different perspectives in order to facilitate better solutions.

The programme therefore works with a carefully selected heterogenous group comprising of participants  from the armed forces, corporate sector and the civil society. It uses Socratic Dialogues to catalyse the process of learning and reflection. At the end of the progamme the participants are able to arrive at their core values and appreciate those of their peers. This postively impacts their leadership journey going forward and benefits society in the long run.

The programme also requires its participants to design a social venture that relects this learning. 


The Programme comprises of three seminars , of five days each, spread over 18 months. The seminars use Socratic Dialogue to catalyse critical as well creative thinking; explore new ways of tackling challenges and most importantly embark on a path of self-discovery and self-reflection. The seminars are moderated by Bajaj Fellows, who facilitate the Socratic Dialogue amongst the participants, based on selected readings.

Social Ventures

The young leaders are motivated and guided to design and launch a leadership venture, which reflects their own passion and interest and provides an opportunity to apply their vision of a 'good society'. The community venture is in an area which they feel passionately about (education, skills development, rural development, environment, women empowerment and so on) so they may engage more vigorously with their communities, country and to make a significant impact on a larger regional and national platform. 15 ventures have been designed by the inaugural class.

Participant Feedback

"Amazing, life changing experience!!

"Excellent diversity of participants and deliberations"

"Able to understand leadership challenges from different perspectives"

"Great experience sharing, encouraged learning having deeper insight into the working environment of various participants. Strengthened the concept of goodness and helpfulness in all"


Ananta Leaders Network

Fellows of Ananta Leaders Fellowship will have access to the Ananta Leaders Network as well as other programmes and events being organised by the Ananta Centre.